Due to the fact that the stock Blow off valve in the Spirit R/T and Iroc R/T is prone to leaking (a condition caused by the valve inside lifting off it's seat at anything above 11psi - often times even less depending on the age of the valve) I have developed a BOV upgrade kit for the Spirit R/T and Iroc R/T which features a valve that is far superior to the stock piece. This new kit is available in two different flavors:


(Option 1)

 The first is for those who want to run their BOV out to atmosphere. (this is how I run all my cars). In this kit you get the new (stronger) BOV which is rated to hold up to 30 psi of boost along with two new short sections of a special (high pressure and heat rated) hose. In this case you vent the bypassed air to atmosphere. w/out K&N breather element,  w/K&N breather element -  Call or e-mail for price


(Option 2)

This kit includes the new BOV, the two new sections of hose to attach it to your factory upper intercooler pipe (just like in Option 1) however it also includes another hose (and fitting) which allows you to route the air back into your factory inlet hose. This is for those of you who wish to retain that stock appearance and functionality. On speed density cars such as ours this is *not* necessary, but if you wish to route the bypassed air back into the air filter/turbo inlet you are more than welcome to do so. This kit makes that possible. Price of this complete kit is - Call or e-mail for price


Both of the above kits take about 10 minutes to install and let's put it this way. If you can change your spark plugs you can do this yourself. It's *that* easy.