Dodge IROC R/T & Dodge Spirit R/T

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Custom intake manifold for Turbo III engine. Features a 5" plenum, shortened runner design, which improves top end (peak) power considerably. Our test car (a 1992 Iroc R/T) gained 28whp at an identical 20psi boost simply by swapping the intake manifold. - we changed nothing else on the car. Your results may vary. These were our test readings. Our car had a t3/t4 hyrbid turbo with front mounted Spearco Intercooler and +20% MP injectors.

This custom intake manifold works with the stock fuel rail or you can purchase one of our extruded race fuel rails which features a full 3/4" ID (stock is 5/16" ID) and comes powder coated in the color of your choice. Our most popular fuel rail colors are: Wrinkle black, gloss black, silver, and gunmetal. You can find this fuel rail under the "Fuel" section of our site. The intake shown in the pics illustrates what the finished upgraded fuel rail looks like.

The intake itself is available also in a variety of colors but the most popular (for obvious reasons) is wrinkle red. The intake also features provisions for the factory Coil Pack to bolt right to it - in almost the same location as factory. The intake comes with all fittings necessary to make it a bolt-in piece. It is setup to run a 58mm TB but you can run the stock 52mm throttle body if you prefer.

This intake manifold is compatible with the factory A/C system and
clears all factory A/C components/brackets.

It is 100% TIG welded and is a stunning, finished piece.

*This intake may require minor modifications for a perfect fit depending on what body style you are putting this on (i.e. L-body, etc.. email me for details)


Turbo III BOV Kit

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